Romania interbelica in jurnalele de stiri British Pathé

British Pathé este una dintre cele mai vechi companii de media din lume. Isi are inceputurile in Parisul anilor 1890, cand Charles Pathé era unul din pionierii filmului.
Stabilita la Londra la inceputul secolului XX, dupa primul razboi mondial compania va produce jurnale de actualitati care se difuzau in cinematografe.
Materialele de mai jos au ca subiect Romania interbelica, destul de putin tratata in afara subiectelor legate de agenda casei regale.

1922, Celebrations in Alba-Iulia with Romanian King

1922, The Queen of Rumania's crown - with which she will be crowned in Bucharest

1924, King & Queen of Rumania pay state visit to French Capital

1924, Our Royal Visitors. Britain welcomes King Ferdinand of Roumania [sic] and his beautiful Queen Marie

1926, Rumania's (aka Romania) beautiful Queen visits President Coolidge and Unknown Warrior's tomb, is eagerly acclaimed by huge crowds

1926, Welcome - Your Majesty. Democratic America gives right royal reception to Queen Marie of Rumania [aka Romania], first crowned head to visit USA

1927, A nation in mourning. At obsequies of late King of Rumania - "Ferdinand the beloved".

1927, The Passing of Bratianu. Dowager Queen Marie & members of Royal Family in imposing procession at Funeral of Romania's late Premier.

1928, The Blessing of the Waters - Prince Nicolas of Rumania takes part in annual picturesque religious ceremony on banks of River Dumbovita

1928, Prince Nicolas of Rumania - attends picturesque ceremony of swearing-in of new recruits to the boy King of Rumania's Army

1928, Roumania's Tragic Queen - Queen Marie visits newly completed beautiful tomb of King Ferdinand

1928, Boy and King - but most - Boy! - Young King Michael of Roumania [sic] sees his first circus and was enthralled... like any other

1929, Romania's Boy King (Prince Michael, son of exiled King Carol II) with his mother and Queen Marie, reviews his troops on 10th anniversary of Rumania's freedom. Bucharest.

1929, The Blessing of the Waters. Prince Nicholas, the Patriarch and clergy of Orthodox Church, attend traditional Epiphany ceremony. Bucharest, Romania.

1930, King Carol of Romania - accompanied by Queen Marie - attends 10th anniversary celebrations of the University of Kausenburg.

1930, Bucharest. '... and all lived happily ever after'. King Carol greeted by his mother Queen Marie, after long estrangement.

1930, Bucharest. King Carol returns to the Throne. First and exclusive pictures from the Rumanian capital

1931, Sinaia. Glamorous royal wedding. Archduke Anton of Habsburg weds Princess Ileana of Rumania.

1932, Bucharest - 'The Blessing of the Waters' - King Carol, Prince Michael, the Patriarch & Clergy of Orthodox Church, attend traditional Epiphany ceremony.

1933, Schriedberhau. Here's Speed ... nerve ... skill ... and danger! Roumania retains world's bob-sleigh championship - 1,836 yards in 85 secs. think of it, nearly a mile an minute!

1935, Paris, France. Various shots of extremely tall man. He is Mitou (sp.?), the Romanian / Rumanian boxer

1938, Queen Marie of Rumania dies

1938, King Carol sees R.A.F. (Royal Air Force) and Army

1938, Our Royal Visitors: Duke of Kent at Dover welcomes King Carol and Prince Michael of Rumania to England.

1939, King Carol And Prince Michael of Rumania

1941 (1940!) Rumanian Earthquake

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